Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tackling the seams and the jeans

After a long, long break – work took up a lot more of my time than I had anticipated, especially when it came to recruitment, I decided to take a day off work and crack on with my Masters and get the textures completed.

Initally I had thought of simply leaving the textures as they were and just move onto the rigging but I thought that I’d give it one more day. 

So after an initially very poor start with the jeans, I eventually found some decent high resolution images of a pair of Levis that I thought were suitable to use as a texture. 

Also worked on the seams too. I still feel the head is slightly off by a shade. 
And I added a tattoo to the guy’s back too.

I'm happy with how he's looking and am happy to crack on with the rigging now. Having spoken to Mario at UCLan, I think that I'll be working with the Biped in 3DS Max instead of a custom rig.

More to come later.....

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