Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Starting the rigging now.

Here he is ready to be rigged. I had to make some adjustments to the deltoids, biceps and elbow to make sure that they line up with the biped arm.

Here is the biped fitted but after some discussion with Mario at UCLAN, I'm not sure if the way I have the arm and clavicle set up will work effectively. Normally I would use a custom bone rig but being able to load mocap data directly into the biped and having LAYERS just swung it for me. 

 I always like the look of the biped in this form - the simplest boxy form.

So as a very quick test, here is the shoulder joint as seen from front and back with NO weighting at all.

The outside of deltoid looks pretty good as it is - perhaps a little too much movement of the verts of the deltoid near the bicep. Obviously the inside of the arm is horrible but some weighting will shift that.

I'm happy with the position of the biped arm and clavicle bones but after shifting the arm down, I realised that this fella is a bit wider across the shoulder than I anticipated! Anyway that's all for the moment. The next session will see the inside of the arm weighted and I'll take a look at the elbow and then see if I can get some bicep and tricep action using a joint angle deformer. At this stage, I think that will be the best approach.

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