Monday, 7 March 2011

This MA really has proven to be quite useful....

My practical work and research on my Masters has proven to be quite valuable in my teaching. I have some students at The Manchester College who are at the early stages of character modelling and showing them a lot of the information that I had found when I was researching edge loops and trying to mimic muscle structures of the face in polygons was very helpful.
Planning the polygon flow on a head is a good strategy
Some great examples of edgeloops and polygon flow
At Futureworks, a few of my second year students are modelling human heads and torsos for their self initiated projects and my research and practical work again proved valuable. Something that a colleague from The University of Huddersfield had said about my character's head was the poor flow of the nasolabial folds or laughter lines and as I have just finished remodelling my character's head, this was useful to use for reference.

Remodelled nasolabial folds on the left. Bad topology on the right.
Another feature that I struggled with was the sternomastoid muscle on the neck. This was something that a student needed to strengthen in their character's model. Once that pair of muscles are modelled onto the front and sides of the neck, other forms such as the larynx, pit of the neck and clavicles then flow from the structure quite easily.
Sternomastoid or to give it its full name:

Lastly something that I really found tricky was the tricep. Until my brief exploration into Mudbox, I really wasn't happy with it. Anyway this was something that I one more of my students needed a little help with. I was happy to help!

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