Friday, 18 March 2011

Let's get the textures started then...

It was about time that I got going with texturing the model and so I decided to kick off with the head. Using the UV template, I painted a very quick layer in photoshop to pinpoint areas like the eyebrows, chin and lips. Using the layout, I cut and pasted chunks of reference photos.

The image below shows some cut and pasted areas taken from photos. Hue of the different images needed to be sorted.

This is a test of the texture mapped onto the model.

 Front, side and back. I think that the top and side of the head needed a lot of attention in terms of colour.

Getting closer now.

I think that the head looked a bit pale at this stage....

The colours of the different parts had been adjusted to make them more compatible.

I decided to experiment with Mudbox to do a little surface detailing in terms of the pores and scars, simply to extract the normal map. The image below shows the result. Mudbox is really nice to work with and I'm glad to have found a solid workflow between 3DS Max and Mudbox to generate the fine surface details.

Here is a close up of the normal map extracted from Mudbox. It's pretty subtle but it works!

Nearly done but the seams on the head have been difficult to paint out owing to the UV template. I tried to use Mudbox to paint directly onto the surface of the model to clone out the seam seen in the image below.

It worked beautifully. This was fairly easy to set up and paint. So I think that I can consider the head to be sorted now. In the larger renders at the bottom, the pores show up rather nicely.

Almost forgot to mention that I decided to add eyelashes to the model too.

Now for the body....

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