Friday, 17 December 2010

Triangles, triangles, triangles....

Had a good chat with Daryl Marples, a colleague at Huddersfield Uni and he advised that I really try to eradicate ALL triangles. So that's been my mission the last few times I've worked on the torso.

First of all, I sliced the bottom portion of the torso as the streetfighter will be dressed in jeans or trousers. But it created more tris for me to sort out. The bulk of the problems are on the back. So tris are being turned into quads with the insertion of extra loops. Also added a suggestion of serratus muscles on the rib cage.
The shoulder needs work - the flow of the polys from the pecs isn't working very well.

Smoothed version.

Resculpted the shoulders so that the edges from laterally from the pecs. Also added a bit more detail on the pecs themselves. Tris on the back turned into quads by the addition of extra loops.

Smoothed version.

Am happy with the overall shape of the torso now. Even managed to eliminate ALL tris apart from a few on the central seam. These will disappear later. At the moment I am working on one half of the torso, applying a symmetry modifier and then a turbosmooth modifier on top. Once I'm done with half of the body, I shall collapse the stack and make the body assymmetrical and sort the tris on the seam.

Do need to work on the neck - at the moment, there is no shape to define the sternomastoid muscle or the larynx. Also I need to start on the arms.

Have been reading quite a bit on modelling and topology. It's amazing how much is written on tris, quads, loops and poles. I think that these articles will really help with my Literature and Contextual Review.

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