Sunday, 12 December 2010

Started to model the torso

Well I started to box model the torso as an editable poly. I thought that I'd model a generic muscular body and then adapt it to get the proportions of Brad Pitt later when it's completed.

Started with getting the main chunks of the torso - pecs, delts, rib cage and stomach muscles.

Adding a little shape to the trapezius, rib cage, delts and pecs. Decided to take off the arms too as they were getting in the way.

Refining the traps, pecs, stomach and back of the lats. Need to get the definition of the side of the lats here.

Only occurred to me that perhaps I should use a skin tone! More general refinement here. Not happy with the clavicle area and the pit of the neck needs more work.

Neck looks better. Back of the neck - the trapezius muscle is too sharply defined. Needs to be softened. Also the rib cage looks too sharply defined too. Again needs to be softened. I've found the relax tool within the editable poly - very useful!!

I'm happy with the look of the traps, pecs, delts and lats. All coming together rather nicely. I think that the proportions of this torso are a little chunky compared to Brad Pitt, but it's not critical at this stage. The bit I will need to look are the muscles on top of the scapula - infraspinatus and teres muscles. Not sure if they are essential to define or whether to show a small bump will be sufficient.

Must admit that I've been really preoccupied with making sure the topology is correct. I'm trying my best to work on the edge loops of the muscle groups and to avoid 5 sided polys and triangular polys as much as I can. I've had to do obliterate big chunks of the torso - esp around the abs/obliques to get the topology just right.

I think it's looking okay so far.

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