Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Now time to texture the body

I'm looking forward to getting the body textured up now. Not sure if the shading on the photos of the male models from will really work with mesh but so far, it's looking pretty good. Had some issues getting the nipples lined up and scaled to the model - but the liquify filter in Photoshop came in very handy indeed.

The shading of the clavicles at this point looked wrong.

The seams around the sides of the body and the underside of the arms, hands and around the neck will all be sorted using Mudbox's paint tools to clone the seam out.

The collar bones are looking good now.

Details around the armpit are looking good apart from the seam!

Now on to the hands - this is my first attempt but the shading on the back of the hand is a problem.

New photo of a hand tried - with some seriously bitten fingernails. Probably suits the character quite well.

Here's the texture of the hand before looking at the seam at the wrist.

Not looking too bad here.

I'm happy with the progress of the texturing of the body. I think that I will take a look at the trousers and feet next before tackling the seams. More to follow. 

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